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Maha English Grammar for Competitive Exams

Maha English Grammar for Competitive Exams
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Maha English Grammar for Competitive Exams
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About the Book

This book is useful for:

  • SSC (CGL Tier - I and Tier - II, CHSL, Stenographer, MTS, CPO Exams)
  • Bank PO, SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams
  • AAO, AO and Assistants Exams - LIC, GIC, NAICL, etc.
  • Railway Recruitment Board Exams
  • IGNOU, CAT, Hotel Management Exams, DASS GRADE-II, CTET, LAW Entrance
  • Sub-Inspector of Police, CBI, CAPF, CISF
  • Civil Services Exams, CDS, etc.

Key Features of the Book

  • Vast coverage of questions that are frequently asked in various competitive exams.
  • Detailed explanation of each and every question that you’ll find in the various Practice Exercises and Practice Sets.
  • And the most important among all is the NOTE BOXES that you will come across while studying the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics of English
  2. Uses of Tenses
  3. Infinitive, Gerund, Participle
  4. Object
  5. Active & Passive Voice
  6. Direct & Indirect SPeech
  7. Conditional Sentences
  8. Noun
  9. How to make Possessives of Nouns
  10. Pronoun
  11. Relative Pronouns
  12. Verb
  13. Verbs that always confuse
  14. Verbs that are not used in Continuous Tenses
  15. Inversion of Verb
  16. Articles 'A/An' and 'The'
  17. Subject Verb Agreement
  18. Adjective
  19. Important Adjectives and their uses
  20. Adverbs
  21. Important Adverbs and their uses
  22. Preposition
  23. Important Prepositions and their uses
  24. Conjunction
  25. Important Conjunctions and their uses
  26. Question Tags
  27. Agreement & Disagreement with remarks
  28. Common Errors in using Numbers & Units of Measurements
  29. Superfluous Expressions
  30. Selected words/expressions and their uses
  31. Confusing words
  32. One Word Substitution
  33. Idioms & Phrases
  34. Phrasal Verbs
  35. Error Finding (Practice Sets)
  36. Fill in the blanks (Practice Sets)
  37. Sentence Improvement (Practice Sets)
  38. Active & Passive Voice (Practice Sets)
  39. Direct & Indirect Speech (Practice Sets)
  40. Synonyms (Practice Sets)
  41. Antonyms (Practice Sets)
  42. One Word Substitution (Practice Sets)
  43. Idioms & Phrases (Practice Sets)

Edition1st Edition
Publication Year2017

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